Stern Iron Maiden Strategy

Aces High
Soul Shard goal: Destroy the Ace

Stage 1: destroy 4 fighters. Shoot any blue arrow shots to defeat a fighter.
Stage 2: defeat 2 bombers. Shoot a ramp to lock on, then shoot the center bulls-eye shot to destroy a bomber. Second bomber you need to hit the opposite ramp to lock on again.
Stage 3: defeat the ace. Shoot the strobing shot to lock on, then shoot the center bulls-eye shot within 5 seconds to destroy the ace.

Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Soul Shard goal: Collect the Port and Starboard (Super) Jackpots

Center shot is lit to shoot down the albatross and collect a hurry-up counting down from 1M. Shoot center shot to lock in this value as your MB Shot Value and start a 2-ball multiball.
During multiball, port (left) shots are lit. Each lit shot moves the cluster of shots towards the center ramp. Once lit hit to collect port jackpot.
Then starboard (right) lights are lit. Hit shots to move cluster towards center ramp. Again, hit lit center ramp to collect starboard jackpot.

Flight of Icarus
Soul Shard goal: Collect at least 20 million

Shoot alternating lit ramps, scoring 1M (+250K increment for each ramp shot, lit or unlit). Combo ramps on a 5 second timer for incremental multiplied scoring (ex: 1st combo at 2x, 2nd at 3x, etc). A 5x combo totals 25mil. (Best use of playfield multiplier IMHO. 2x playfield only requires 4x combo (30mil). 3x playfield only requires a 3x combo (24mil).)

Hallowed Be Thy Name
Soul Shard goal: Break free

Complete objectives in order as quickly as possible.
Shoot any one orange arrow
Shoot the captive ball
Shoot another remaining orange arrow
Complete all of the drop targets
Shoot another remaining orange arrow
Shoot the center ramp

Fear of the Dark
Soul Shard goal: Complete three spinner rips

Four shots are lit with purple arrows.
Completing any one of them lights the spinners
Hit either of the spinners to get back to ‘purple mode’
Hit a spinner again
Repeat purple and spinner shot once more.

(After hitting a purple shot, shooting the right ramp (which stays lit purple) doubles the spinner value.
Revive spinner scores double the left orbit spinner.)

Collecting a soul shard lights tomb treasure.
Other ways of lighting the tomb treasure are (in order of difficulty?):

Collect a Loop jackpot
Trooper Jackpot
Mummy Jackpot
Level 3 mystery – AFTER 2 minutes to midnight
Complete No. of the Beast
6 Way Combo
Lvl 2 of each Eddie Card!

You must complete 10 (out of 12) different objectives to light 10 tomb awards and qualify Run to the Hills.