Buying Pinball Machines in Connecticut and entire New England area. New Jersey, Long Island, New York, New York City also! If you have a pinball machine you would like to sell, please E-Mail me at or call or text (860) 800-3210.

Due to my busy schedule, emails and text messages are preferred. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

You can also contact me by using this form: Contact

I also offer repairs on pinball machines in the Connecticut and Western Mass area. My specialty is solid state machines (1978-present). I charge a flat rate of $2000 to refurbish a pinball machine, plus the cost of parts. It typically takes a few months from start to finish. All rubber rings are replaced, the general illumination is replaced with LED lighting, the flippers are rebuilt, the power supply is rebuilt and anything else necessary to get the game playing well. I no longer do in house repairs, all work must be done at my shop. If needed, I am able to pick up machines, do the work and bring them back to you.